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Ought to visit Muktinath once in a Life

Sunitha Y Natarajy
Sunitha Y Natarajy
Hyderabad, India

I have toured with my friends during May starting from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Mukthinath, and UNESCO recommended places through Lumle Travel agency for weekdays. An awesome experience and an eye tonic tour giving pleasure to our senses and soul. It's devotional, joyous, and spiritual too. 

An article about this Mukthinath Yatra is not sufficient as this requires a lot to share. The natural scenic beauty of Pokhara is to be explored to one's best. Enjoying nature depends on one's affliction to nature. In a word NATURE is GOD.

To the practical persons, Swamy Jal Narayan జి will prove that God exists and can be seen through naked eyes.

Mukthinath is a place where the earthly pleasures end and spiritual travel starts. U should have the guts to nullify your feelings. The atmosphere here is cold breezes from the Himalayas and severe sun rays can be experienced simultaneously and through this, you should ahead to Mukthinath.

Cold breezes represent happiness and hot sunrays Ur hardship in life. Sacrificing both u should reach God unattached to sensory feelings, u get Mukti.

You are liberated mentally and neutral becoming just an instrument in the hands of God. To write about this trip is a lot and loads left.

What can be done is to enjoy and experience urself. I thank Lumle travels and the Guide, Sri Nipendra Maharjan along with the crew of travels for establishing this travel agency and serving people.

I wish the best for Lumle to carry-on this activity and let this expand to many branches and serving the self and nation in terms of revenue and bringing pride to the company and country, Nepal.

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